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Countywide Builders is a full-service general contracting and construction management firm.

At Countywide Builders, the company benefits greatly from the extensive expertise of its Principal, Mr. Mayer Weber, who possesses over 26 years of experience in overseeing a wide variety of construction projects. Mr. Mayer has established a distinguished reputation for excellence and innovation within the construction industry. His deep understanding of the industry, coupled with his visionary leadership, has played a pivotal role in his company's growth and success.

Furthermore, Countywide has a track record of fruitful partnerships with its clients, evident through their repeat collaborations on numerous projects. Choosing to partner with Countywide equates to embracing a path to success, exemplified by our adaptable work style and project execution approach. Our exceptional ability to align with organizational processes and objectives instills confidence in our capacity to effectively steer our future projects towards triumph.

Key reasons why to choose Countywide Builders Inc. as your trusted partner for your project:

Relevant Experience: Countywide Builders has overseen and successfully completed projects that range from small to large multifamily to mixed use, with various classes of finishes from standard to high end based on our client’s request. Working and coordinating with the project specific engineer, architect, and design team to archive the highest standard in the field.

A Strong Team: The success of any project relies heavily on the strength of its team. Countywide has assembled a group of highly qualified and experienced professionals, who are dedicated to delivering excellence.

Impeccable Relationships in the Construction Industry: One of the standout qualities of our company is our extensive network and strong connections in the construction industry. Our impeccable relationships with several subcontractors, vendors, and other industry stakeholders provide us with a significant advantage in bringing any project to fruition. This network allows us to secure Competitive bids, access top-quality materials, and ensure timely and efficient project execution.

Commitment to Collaboration: We believe in fostering a collaborative environment for all our projects. Countywide has a proven history of collaborating seamlessly with stakeholders, including architects, engineers, subcontractors, and suppliers, to achieve project objectives from our previous projects. Moreover, we have established and maintain a good and successful working relationship with our clients.

Transparent Communication: Countywide maintains open and transparent channels of communication with our clients, providing our clients with regular updates on progress and promptly addressing any concerns. Communication with lenders, DOB, DOT, DEP or any relevant agency needed to bring any project to CO in a timely and legal manner.

Continuous Improvement: Countywide as a team is committed to continuous learning and growth and keeping up to date with all NYC building codes. Our aim is to adapt quickly to new challenges and incorporate the latest industry best practices into our work.

Experience With over four decandes of combined experience, we assure you are in good hands
Quality We work meticulously to maximize quality every step of the way
Success Carrying a project successfully from concept through completion is our biggest source of pride
Countywide Builders boasts an incomparable team of talents across architecture, engineering, construction management, earthwork, expediting and budgeting.

Our leadership and management bring a combined four decades of experience to the table, leading a cohesive and dynamic project schedule that reliably delivers perfection. That’s how we build excellence, from ground up residential developments to office and residential renovations to specialty construction and beyond.